What Is Maplestory?

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Maplestory is a 2D side scroller MMORPG initially developed by Wizet. Nexon later acquired them and continues to host this game today.

There are technically two different kinds of maplestory – before and after big bang.  Big bang was basically a huge patch by Nexon that completely changed how the game works. This website is mostly about before big bang (bbb for short), though I may one day go into post big bang.


Since maplestory is a 2D side scroller, you basically create a character and explore the maple world.  You can kill monsters, level up, choose your class, complete quests, socialize with other players and much, much, more.

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On the surface maplestory seems pretty simple, but the real beauty lies in its hidden complexity.  Anyways, that’s a topic for another post but for now it’s good enough to know that maplestory is a 2D, MMORPG.

The Grind

Grinding Maplestory Private Server With Nightlord

Most MMOs are known for being extremely grindy.  Maplestory is no different – though some private servers (more on these later) try to fix that.

Generally, if the rates are low it takes an incredible amount of effort to level up.  For some people that’s part of the charm, for others it’s a miserable experience.

Should You Try Maplestory [Private Servers]?

The biggest reason most people play maplestory private servers is because of nostalgia – they played it when they were younger and want to relive the past.  The second reason is community.  

However, even if you didn’t play in the past, I still think it can be worth picking up – for casual and hard core players alike.  The community (although it varies from server to server) can definitely be something that adds a unique flare to stick around for.  

In the end however, you won’t know if private servers are right for you unless you give it a try.  So why not give it a try?

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