What are Maplestory Private Servers?

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Maplestory private servers are basically modified maplestory servers hosted by some third party individual(s).  What they do is adjust and modify the game to make it more appealing and fun. For this reason, no two maplestory private servers are identical since they take the form of their owners vision.  Playing a different maplestory private server is almost like playing a different game. However, the core game mechanics usually stay intact.

Why do people make Private Servers?

The main reason people make private servers is that they are unsatisfied with other private servers.  Sometimes it is because they are dissatisfied with the official server.

They see a lot of issues with the game they think they can fix, and try to do so in their own rendition.  Also, some people have a lot of fun creating their own maple worlds.  New servers come out regularly every year from different developers, so there is always a lot of content to choose from!

Why should you play Maplestory Private Servers?

The main reason you should play a private server is that it is a lot of fun!  Each server has their own take on maplestory along with their own community. This makes playing each server a unique experience.

A lot of old school servers also progressively add new custom content which makes it feel like the old school maplestory is still alive and well, even though the golden era of the late 2000s is long gone.

Each year there are tons of new features added in the community which keeps the scene fresh and exciting to play!  Each year adds new servers as well, so there is always the hype to restart on a brand new world.  In the next article, I will discuss more about how you can join some servers!

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