How to join maplestory private servers

A maplestory player saying "Join Maplestory Private Servers"

The first step to join maplestory private servers is to decide which maplestory private server you want to join.  If you are still unsure, try checking out my ranking page to help get an idea of what servers are available.  You can use that as  a starting point to do more research.  For more help, I strongly recommend reading chapter 1 of my comprehensive maplestory private server guide, which you can get for free by subscribing to my blog below: 

Anyways, after you’ve chosen your new server, you want to go to their web page and download their files.

Install the maplestory private server

After your download is done, you probably need to install the files to your computer.  This part is usually a problem for most people because your antivirus is going to freak out and assume the maplestory private server is a virus.  Chances are that the server is clean, so you will need to ask your antivirus to relax.

Set your maplestory private server as an exception in your antivirus

What I personally recommend is making a folder where you can put all your maplestory private servers.  Then, you can simply add that folder and all its contents as an exception in your antivirus. By doing so, whenever you want to try a new server, you can simply download it to your maplestory private server folder and never have to worry about your antivirus going haywire.

Here are some links that show you how to do so for various antiviruses

Windows Defender



Join Maplestory Private Servers Forum

After joining the maplestory private server, I recommend checking to see if the server has a forum.  A forum is typically where the administrators of the server will talk about upcoming events related to the server, or anything in general relevant to the server.

Join Maplestory Private Servers Discord

Other than a forum, most maplestory private servers also have a discord as their preferred social media.  It is usually a good idea to join a private servers discord because it gives you easy access to other players.  It is especially useful for questions that need quick answers or any market related query.

Have fun and begin your new adventure

After all this is taken care of all that’s left is to sit back and enjoy your new maple adventure in your brand new server!

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