Elitism In Maplestory Private Servers

Elitism In Maplestory Private Servers

Elitism is a common problem in many communities all over.  However, elitism in maplestory private servers is especially profound in servers that are at least a few years old.  Before going forward, let’s define what elitism really is.

What is Elitism in maplestory private servers?

Elitism, specifically in maplestory private servers is a mentality that players develop where they are only willing to do small, efficient boss raids.  In order to accomplish this, elite players will only do raids with other elite players and leave out the rest of the community.

What causes Elitism in maplestory private servers?

I think that there are two main causes for Elitist culture to develop in maplestory.  The main reason is Boss Loot Design, and the second is character DPS progression.

Why Maplestory’s Boss Loot Design promotes Elitism in Maplestory Private Servers

In maplestory, whenever you kill a boss it drops a set amount of loot regardless of how many players attend the raid.  

As a result, if you want to maximize your profit, you want to minimize the number of people who attend the raid because then you have less people to split your loot with.

For example if you kill horntail with a 6 man party and a maple warrior 20 book drops (which is worth say 600 million mesos), each person will earn 100m after it is sold.

But, if you instead DUO horntail with another person and get a maple warrior 20 book to drop, you each will earn 300 million mesos.

As a result, people are financially rewarded for Elitist behavior and naturally seek out other elitist.

How Character DPS progression promotes Elitism

In the above example, I failed to mention one key drawback.  It will take a 2 man party significantly longer to kill horntail than a 6 man party.  

However, when you end up min-maxing your character to optimize your DPS, raids with fewer people become more and more viable.

If a 6 man raid would take you 1 hour, but a 3 man raid takes you only 30 minutes longer, it is certainly worthwhile to spend 50% more time in a boss run to earn 100% more profit.

That’s what happens when people progress their characters DPS.

Why is Elitism In Maplestory Private Servers Bad?

Elitism is bad for maplestory private servers overall because it discourages new players to join the server.  Why would a new person want to join a server where the majority of players are unwilling to take you on boss runs and let you participate in the community?

It also ends up raising expectations – people expect you to play like a hardcore player and make mages to farm mesos to fund a HP washed, high DPS character.

Not everyone enjoys playing this way and it can certainly turn away potential players from your maplestory private server.

What should be done to counter Elitism and Promote Community Play?

The easiest way to fix Elitism is at it source.  There needs to be a change to how Boss Loot Mechanics work in maplestory.  Instead of promoting smaller raids, Boss Loot Mechanics should be designed to promote larger raids.

The Ideal Solution

The best solution that I can think of is to add a custom “points” shop to the game.  You should be able to earn points by attending boss raids – and the rewards that you can get from the points shop should include untradable end game items.  

These items should be as good if not better than the standard rewards from killing the boss.  For example, I would include white scrolls and chaos scrolls (the two most expensive end game scrolls in maplestory).  

Preventing Abuse

However, I would include a small catch to prevent abuse via mules (the act of bringing an extra character into a raid in order to reap extra rewards).  I would not only make the chaos scrolls and white scrolls untradable, but also make it so that any item that those scrolls are used on become untradeable as well.  Now, bossing for these points is still incredibly valuable for character progression, however it is only valuable for the progression of the specific character participating in the raid – the rewards are not transferable to another character.

How The Solution Solves Elitism In maplestory private servers

This fixes Elitism by changing the focus of players from optimizing for mesos to optimizing for time (to gain as many points in as little time as possible).  Raids with more players will always be quicker, so it would end up being a no brainer to bring as many people with you as possible to finish the boss raid as quickly as possible.

This results in a community that values large, inclusive boss raids rather than small, exclusive boss raids.  It creates more interaction between players – more people get to know each other and the maplestory private server community becomes more intertwined.


Overtime maplestory private servers become more Elitist not due to the bad nature of individuals, but rather because of how maplestory is designed.  By fixing the design issues that lead to elitism, we can ensure that our servers remain more community oriented and new player friendly.

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