Class Balance In Maplestory Private Servers

A group fighting horntail in a maplestory private server

Before bigbang, and especially in version 62, maplestory had HORRENDOUS class balance.  In the official original servers, this imbalance was less apparent in the context of bossing because the high DPS classes had a tradeoff between high DPS and low HP – that is they could not boss as effectively at lower levels.

In terms of farming however, mages are several tiers above other classes.  If you wanted to farm in v62, you HAD to make a mage. If you didn’t have a mage you were at a insurmountable disadvantage.

However, in most maplestory private servers, the prevalence of leech and hp washing effectively destroy the tradeoff that high DPS classes had to make between damage and survivability.

In this article we are going to talk about class balance in maplestory private servers and what can be done to make all classes worthwhile to play.

Current State Of Class Balance in Maplestory Private Servers (V62)

In version 62 of maplestory, there are two aspects to balance we need to discuss – farming and bossing.  Naturally, we want strong bossers to be weak farmers, and strong farmers to be weak bossers. However, in version 62, the state of this balance is far too extreme.

Strong farming classes (like archmages) are TERRIBLE at bossing – so terrible that they are never taken on any serious boss run.

A tier list for farming in maplestory used to illustrate class balance in maplestory

Strong bossing classes like nightlord and bowmasters are mediocre at farming – though they can still get the job done if persistent enough.

A bossing tierlist used to illustrate class balance in maplestory private servers

Then, we have some classes that are good at neither – namely buccaneers and paladins.  These classes are especially worthless because not only are they not wanted on boss runs, but also are not even strong at farming.

As a result, most dedicated players tend to make a mage + archer, mage + nightlord, or mage + warrior.  They make a class strong for farming, and a class strong for bossing in order to get the best out of both worlds.

The problems with original Class balance In Maplestory

The main issue that original class balance causes is lack of character diversity.  In original v62, the most played classes are the following:

  1. Nightlords
  2. Bowmasters
  3. Bishops
  4. Archmages

The reason is that these classes vastly surpass all other classes in terms of bossing ability – and in the case of bishops/mages, farming ability.

This kind of balance is basically such that the above classes have too many advantages without proper tradeoffs, or that the other classes do not have enough advantages given their vast amount of tradeoffs.

In most maplestory private servers, it’s typically the case that bishops have too many advantages without proper tradeoffs, and that other less played classes simply have too many tradeoffs.

What can be done to fix the Class balance In Maplestory?

There are two main schools of thought when attempting to fix balance the nerf approach and the buff approach.

You can either nerf all of the overpowered classes such that their strengths are more in line with the underpowered classes, or you can buff all of the underpowered classes such that their power is closer in line with the overpowered classes.

I think that the buff approach is the most ideal.  Instead of nerfing nightlords and other classes to the level of shit tier classes like buccaneers or mid tier classes like hero, we should try to buff all other classes so that they become a viable alternative over nightlords.

General Options for Class Balance in Maplestory

When it comes to balancing classes we have a few options when it comes to increasing damage or farming capability.

Increase class base weapon multiplier

This is a change that will basically increase the damage of every single move a class has.  It is a blanket change that should be done if a class is deemed severely underpowered in all of its aspects.  This kind of a change is something that should be done carefully because a small increase in the base weapon multiplier has massive effects on damage.

Increase skill damage multiplier

This is a specific balance change that helps to buff a singular skill of a class.  This change is a good option when you feel that a class is well balanced overall but has one or two weak options that need a buff.  For example, if you want to specifically buff bossing damage while leaving farming capability intact, you can increase the skill damage multiplier of a single target bossing skill.

Event weapon availability

Weapon availability is a very niche way to balance a class.  In maplestory, there are a few weapons that are incredibly strong for some classes that were only available during a short period of time (for example, the 1 handed sword called lunchbox for heros/paladins).

Allowing some limited time best in slot items to be available to everyone in the server can significantly buff a class.  However, this also has the con of significantly decreasing build diversity for that specific class (everyone would end up going for the same end game event weapon).

Reducing delay for an individual skill

This is something that is typically done to classes with excessively slow single target attack skills.  By reducing the delay between casts for a skill, you can increase the number of casts per minute and effectively buff a class’s single target damage per second by doing so.

It should be noted, however, that reducing delay also has the impact of significantly increasing farming capability.

Adding a stance-like effect to a class

In maplestory, whenever a character gets hit by a monster they get knocked back.  When you are knocked back you typically stop attacking for a short moment and then are forced to reposition in order to keep dealing damage.

Being forced to stop attacking and reposition significantly hurts your DPS.  So, you could boosts a class’s performance by giving them a stance like effect which allows them to not get knocked back.

Increasing range of an attack

Typically increasing range does not help too much with regards to single damage – however it is an insane boost to farming ability.  Range buffs are usually very impactful so I strongly recommend caution with implementation of range buffs.


Class balance in maplestory (bbb) is very poor – so if we want to have a diverse, fun meta where people play a variety of classes, some rebalancing is required.  Nightlords, bowmasters, and bishops are the best classes – everything else is somewhat mediocre. We should try to buff other classes so that they are worthwhile to play over nightlords, bowmasters, and bishops.  At the end of the day, we want maplestory to be a rich colorful story with many classes.

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