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If you’ve played any maplestory private server and went through their terms of service, I am sure you would find something that reads: PERMANENT BAN.  In this article, I want to talk about types of bans in maplestory private servers, how long they should last, and why it’s pointless to permanently ban people as players.

Types of Bans in Maplestory Private Servers

Typically, we have two types of bans, temporary and permanent.

Temporary bans are typically served for light offenses, such as harrassment, and can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Permanent bans are reserved for harsher offenses, such as extreme vote abuse, hacking, etc.  These bans are typically indefinite, and in the maplestory private server community can usually be tied to a person or just to an account.

When you are banned as a player, you are not allowed to make anymore accounts on a server (though you can easily get around this).  When you are account banned, you are free to play on other accounts or make new accounts on a server.

What should cause a temporary ban in maplestory private servers

Basically, if there is any behavior that you want to discourage in your server, attaching a temporary ban to said behavior is a good idea.

If you want your players to be respectful and not harass or kill-steal, assign a temporary ban to that offense.

You want to be careful though and not go above and beyond to over moderate your server.  Having temporary bans for the smallest things is a real turn off to prospective players wanting to join your server

What should cause a permanent ban in maplestory private servers

Permanent bans should be reserved for unforgivable offenses – something that irreparably damages your server.  For example, if someone abuses a glitch/exploit to duplicate items and uses it to ruin the economy, or if someone tries to real world trade to ruin the competitiveness of your server.

Permanent Bans In Maplestory Private Servers – The Death Penalty

Typically, when people commit egregious offenses on maplestory private servers, (like hacking, exploit abuse) server admins issue permanent bans as a person.  This is to say if you are permanently banned as a person, the server admins never want to see you on their server again – and will ban you again if they see you on their server.

Why Permanent Bans Are Pointless

Now, this seems all fine and dandy until you examine further and realize that it is not actually possible to ban someone as a person.  You can ban that person as a “player”, but they could simply create a new identity and continue playing on your server as a “new player”.

For example, after getting permanently banned as a person, a player could simply spoof their IP address and MAC address and then create a new account on the server they were banned on.  The admins would have no way to detect that the new account belongs to a previously permanently banned player (unless the player was stupid and admitted to being the person who was permanently banned).

As a result, the player would be free to play on the server once again by simply hiding their identity.

What Alternatives are there to Permanent Bans?

Quite frankly, there isn’t anything you can really do to stop people from playing on your server after banning them.  The best you can do is indefinitely ban their original accounts and make it clear that you dislike them and don’t want them on your server.  However, if someone really wants to play on your server, they can always change their digital identity to make it so you cannot catch them.


Ultimately, it is up to the server admins as to what kinds of bans they want to issue and for what reasons.  However, it is important to note that permanently banning players as a person is a fruitless endeavor, and it is probably just easier to leave everything as a standard permanent ban.

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