Account Sharing In Maplestory Private Servers

An Image illustrating account sharing in maplestory private servers

Account sharing is the act of two people logging into the same account – and effectively sharing it.  This leads to all sorts of things like power leveling (two people taking turns leveling up a character), extra funding (two people farming mesos), and more.

Effectively, an account sharer has access to resources gathered from two individuals.  In this article we are going to discuss the consequences of people sharing their accounts and their impacts on maplestory private servers.  Then, more importantly, we are going to discuss whether or not account sharing should be allowed.

Why most private servers forbid account sharing

Before going onwards to the effects of letting people share accounts, I want to talk about some of the reasons most maplestory private servers forbid it.  There are two main reasons maplestory private servers forbid sharing accounts.

  1. Account sharing gives an unfair advantage to account sharers.
  2. Determining who to ban/punish when account sharers break rules in a fair manner is difficult.

As I initially mentioned, people who share accounts also share resources they gained from playing – namely mesos, tradable capital (like equips), and untradable capital (untradable equips, the characters themselves).

Essentially what it comes down to is that 1 person playing 2 hours a day is at a disadvantage compared to two people collectively playing 4 hours per day.

The second reason is a bit more nuanced.  Say that two players are sharing an account.  Player 1 begins to start cheating via hacks without Player 2 knowing.  Now, you want to punish player 1, but doing so without punishing player 2 is not feasible.  As a result, you must ban their account and punish Player 2 (who did nothing wrong) as collateral damage.

Instead of being forced to deal with these morally tricky situations, some servers just choose to avoid having this problem to begin with.

But is account sharing really that bad?

In the case where people are willing to take responsibility for their accounts (i.e. accept cross-bans due to cheaters), is account sharing really creating an unfair advantage?  Some could say that simply lending out your items is just as unfair of an advantage as sharing an account.

Account Sharing Vs Lending Gear

Letting friends borrow your gear in maplestory private servers is something that pretty much everyone is universally fine with.  There isn’t any issue with loaning out your gear, as long as you are willing to accept the consequences of your friend scamming you and never returning your items.

However, letting people loan gear does give people with wealthy friends a distinct in game advantage over people without such generous friends.  Whether or not it is as uncompetitive as sharing accounts is up to debate.

However, that begs the realization, if we accept lending people gear as creating an advantage, and if we are mostly okay with this practice, then we must view this advantage as a fair advantage.

Then, we have to ask ourselves, what is it about sharing accounts that makes it an unfair advantage?  Honestly, asking myself, I can’t really think of anything that truly makes sharing accounts unfair – as long as the account was legally created without the use of any exploit.

In the case sharing a mule: time and effort was spent to create that mule, just like the case of sharing a perfect or godly item.  Furthermore, two players cannot use the mule or godly item at the same time. The same cost of sharing exists with loaning out items and loaning out mules.

Yet, if this is really all there is to sharing accounts, why is it illegal on almost every single private server?  There must be some other problem that we are missing.

The REAL problem with Sharing Accounts

The true issue with sharing accounts is not related to account sharing itself, but rather what it enables.  Sharing accounts opens up the door for near uncatchable real world trade.

Here’s how it could play out.  Say Player 1 has a godly funded high level nightlord account.  Player 2 wants to join the server but doesn’t want to grind and make a strong character.  Player 2 could pay Player 1 a large sum of money for his account – and we wouldn’t be able to catch this because they could just disguise it and say they are sharing accounts.

This opens up the door for real world trade in a manner that we cannot specifically prevent or catch.  It ultimately ends up creating an unfair environment because people can use account sharing as an excuse to cover up their dirty deeds.

I personally do not feel that anything is inherently wrong with account sharing, but I do feel that something is wrong with real world trade, and the purchasing of accounts certainly falls under real world trade.


Account sharing is a touchy subject with regards to whether or not it should be allowed.  It does, without a doubt create advantages for people who share accounts. Though, to what extent it is unfair is debatable.  Account sharers do pay the cost of ownership (two people cannot be logged in on the same character at the same time), so it is not a 100% benefit to account share.  Furthermore it also involves a greater risk of getting banned if one of the sharers commits a grave offense.

At the end of the day, it is up to the server provider to decide if they want to allow account sharing.  In my personal opinion, I lean towards disallowing account sharing, but I certainly do see the upsides associated with it legalizing it.

At the end of the day, I would prefer to let people play maplestory private servers how they want to play, rather than force players to play how I want them to play.

However, with the issue with account sharing itself isn’t the account sharing, but rather the doors it opens up regarding hacking, account selling, and other exploits.  As a result, unfortunately, when it comes to account sharing, I would regrettably force players to play how I want them to play.


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