HP Washing In Maplestory Private Servers

HP Washing in Maplestory Private Servers

A nightlord that has undergone the HP Washing process

HP/MP washing is the process of increasing your characters mana and health.  Typically this is something that’s fairly standard for MMOs. However, in maplestory private servers, HP washing is a controversial topic due to how convoluted the process is and how it is often a noob trap.

How HP washing works

At its core we know that HP washing is simply a method to increase your characters HP and MP.  In this section let’s dive into how it actually works.

HP washing has 2 basic steps.

Step 1: Gain some EXCESS MP

Every class gains some random amount of MP per level (the amount is also different for each class).  Usually they gain a few points of excess mp as well.

You can increase the amount of excess mp you gain per level using your INT stat.  Every 10 int you have will net you 1 extra MP when you level up.

So, if you have 100 int, you’ll get 10 extra MP.  Equips count as well, so if you have gear that adds int and you wear it as you level up, you’ll get more MP.

You can also take this a step further by mp washing to gain even more MP, but that is beyond the scope of this post.

Step 2: Turn your MP into MP

After you have gained a lot of excess MP, you now have the privilege to transform that MP into HP.

Once again, the conversion rates for each class is different.  For some classes (warriors) it’s a bargain, for others (mages) it’s pretty much a scam.

But the process here is to put an ability point into HP and then use AP resets to subtract your MP and increase your HP.

The Problem With HP Washing

If you read above, HP washing might seem fairly simple.  You basically just get MP and then turn it into HP. However, the issue is that you cannot easily get MP at any point in your character’s development.  You must level up with INT in order to gain extra MP.

This means that players who were ignorant/uninformed are left with characters who have little potential to gain extra MP, and as a result HP.

This problem gets further intensified when HP washing is required for nearly every character to boss efficiently in end game.  

New players often fall into the “Noob Trap” of hp/mp washing – they make characters without trying to gain extra MP and end up with dysfunctional characters that can’t boss efficiently in end game.

Solution 1: Make HP washing NOT a noob trap

This solution aims to make it so that new players do not need to discard their old characters.

This can be done by boosting the amount of MP each class gains per level up naturally, so that players can HP wash without manually increasing their MP via INT.  

Essentially, when a new player gets to high level and finds out about hp washing, they can already hp wash even if they did not invest in INT while leveling up.

Solution 2: Make HP washing OPTIONAL by introducing other ways to gain HP

This solution fixes HP washing by making the process optional, because you can just use other gameplay elements in order to increase your HP.

Some examples of this would include introducing custom questlines that increase your HP, adding special boss drops that increase your HP, adding bonus HP to best in slot gear, and more.

Solution 3: Remove the HP washing mechanic

Here, maplestory private server owners simply decide to crap the HP washing mechanic and just let the server go on without it.  Typically I see this as a really bad solution because it severely nerfs some ranged DPS classes – though some servers add in alternative methods to increase HP alongside with this to lessen the blow.


Ultimately, HP washing is simply the process of turning your extra MP into HP.  The main problem with it is that it requires significant setup and background knowledge – which overtly punishes new players who do not prepare.

This feature has many solutions, but I think that the best one would be to simply make the process optional and allow players to gain extra HP at any point in their characters development.

Even though the process is somewhat complicated and counter intuitive, I truly do believe that the process washing is a beautiful aspect of maplestory that adds significant depth to the game.  It creates an interesting trade-off between early game strength and late game bulk – a trade-off that varies for each player depending on the extent of how much HP they want to gain.