Maplestory Private Server Ranking

An Image showing a representation of ranking data

On my website, the Maplestory Private Server Ranking ranks servers according to their weekly change in users.  This means that if a private server is growing at a rapid rate, it will be ranked higher than a server that is growing slowly, or even dying.

Currently I am ranking servers by using weekly rolling averages.  This means that I calculate the average player count from last week, and then calculate the average player count from last week to the second to last week and use those two numbers to calculate the change.

For example, say a private server had an average of 30 players from last week to today.  From 2 weeks ago to last week, the server had an average of 15 players.  Then, my ranking would show that the server has a growth of 100%.  I may change the time frame of which I base my rankings on the future, but I will always rank servers on this website according to their change in average online users.  I get the data by scraping websites using google sheets.

What If I want to join Your Maplestory Private Server Ranking?

If you own a maplestory private server and would like to join my maplestory private server ranking, I do have a few requirements.

  1. Your maplestory private server must be before big bang.
  2. Your maplestory private server must be at least 3 months old.
  3. Your maplestory private server must NOT be in beta.
  4. You must display average online user count on your website or have some way to send me this data over the web.

If you satisfy the above, feel free to shoot me an email at  In order to add your website to the ranking, I will need some way to get your average online user count.  Most of the time, I can scrape this from your website.

What IF I want to Advertise on your Maplestory Private Server Ranking?

Currently, I have 1 ad spot available on my ranking (the first box).  The pricing is subject to change depending on how popular this website becomes.  Ideally you would send me an image that you would want advertised that I would place in said spot.  It will also link to your website.

In addition, I have plans for a premium feature on the ranking where I allow your specific server on the ranking list to link out to your website.  The pricing structure will likely be very cheap monthly fee.  Anyways, this is only really relevant when this website obtains a decent viewership.

What If I want to Remove my server?

If you want to remove your server from the ranking, feel free to just email me and I will take care of it.